Watch Dogs 2: A new game, a new game

Watch Dogs, a game set in the near future, has been updated for the third time in three years, the game’s developer, Ubisoft, said on Twitter.

A new “multiplayer mode” called “EVE” will now be available in the game, along with a “story mode” that will feature “sustained gameplay” in which players will be given “the chance to explore and interact with the world around them”.EVE is “a completely new mode for Watch Dogs” that players will play “based on the world’s events”.

This means that “the story mode will focus on the story and the people you interact with in the world”, Ubisoft said.

Watch Dogs 2’s multiplayer will be free to play in addition to its story mode, the company said.EVE will also now feature a “cooperative and competitive” mode in which “players can create their own personal story and battle it out against other players in a competitive mode”, Ubisoft added.

The third time the developer has updated Watch Dogs.

“The next update will be a game with more of a story, but we are also going to do more multiplayer, so expect a lot more new content in the future.”

“We want players to play the game with us again and again, but it is going to be a more challenging game than before,” said Ubisoft’s senior producer, Philippe Maron.