Watch battery replacement to cost $1,500 at Apple Watch online, online at Walmart, and at Best Buy

Apple is adding battery replacement for the Apple Watch and making it more affordable.

The watch, which is expected to ship in the fall, will have a replacement battery for $1.50 at Amazon, the Apple Store, Best Buy, and Walmart.

You can get the battery at BestBuy for $2.99, and for $3.49 at Walmart.

The replacement battery costs $1 at Walmart and $2 at Amazon.

Apple’s battery replacement is more affordable than the one that replaces the original Apple Watch’s battery, which was $1 for $25.

Apple’s new battery replacement will cost $2, and $3, according to the Apple store listing.

If you already have an Apple Watch, it will also work for $5 less at Walmart than it does at Bestbuy.

The new battery is also cheaper than the $1 battery that replaced the original one, which retails for $39.99.

Apple is adding the battery replacement because it’s a way to lower costs for customers.

The Apple Watch is still a great value if you don’t need a new Apple Watch or want a smaller model, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for some people to afford it.

In November, Apple said it was increasing the cost of the Apple watch’s price to $199.

Apple Watch costs $299, or $1 more than the original version.