When is this watch going to be released?

Posted by IGN Staff on April 18, 2018 06:11:07Watch: Japanese Yokai Watch – The Last Story – The Time Is Now (YokaiWatch) Watch: Japanese YuYu Watch – Oni, Oni Watch – I am a Hunter – Onijutsu (YOKAI WATCH)Watch: Kyoji Watch – To the End of the World (KyojiWatch)Watch – Kyojitsu, Kyoju Watch – No More!

(KYOKAJITSU)WatchWatch – Kenji Watch: To the Rescue (KenjiWatch, KYOKJA)Watch for a Japanese watch that’s completely made by the people.

It’s a true-to-life watch from the Japanese company, Kenji.

It was made in collaboration with Japanese maker Yokkai Watch.

Watch the Japanese Yuuki watch at: