New Samsung watches may be cheaper than new iPhones

New Samsung smartwatches may be less expensive than new Apple watches, new sources have revealed.

The UK-based tech blog Macys Mens Watch website claims that the new watches will cost £2,999 ($3,599), compared to the iPhone 7S Plus’ £2,-999 ($2,895). 

The company’s website notes that the Apple Watch bands, which come in a range of colours, can cost up to £200 ($235), while the Apple iPhone 7s bands can cost as much as £550 ($1,250).

Apple’s iPhone 7 bands and the Apple Apple Watch are currently available for pre-order on its website for £1,499 ($1;2,799).

The UK-made watches are currently out of stock, but can be ordered in-store or online from September 28.

Apple Watch band price comparison: Apple Watch Band (Apple Watch Series 3, Black) $699 Apple Watch Band Black (Apple Store) £499 Apple Watch Series 2 (Black) £299 Apple Watch 2 (White) £99 Apple Watch (Black, Silver) £399 Apple Watch Black (Black & White) £249 Apple Watch 3 (Black – Silver) £229Apple Watch 3 (White) €599 Apple Watch 4 (Black + Silver) $$$299 Apple watch (Black), €399Apple Watch (White), $599Apple Watch 4 (Silver) $$$$$449Apple Watch 5 (Black and Silver)$699Apple Watch 6 (Silver)$$$349Apple Watch 7 (Black+Silver)$999Apple Watch 8 (Black/White)$$£599Apple watch (White/Silver)$$$$$299