Shinola watches new Shinola watch with the new color, model number 4 series review

A new Japanese brand has unveiled its new Shinolas watch.

The brand, Shinola Watch, launched the new Shinolo watch in the Japanese market on March 13.

It comes in two models, a black model with a white dial and a red model with red dial and black dial.

The Shinolo model is priced at 4,500 yen (about $4,200).

The new model is also a new color for the company, which is a combination of yellow and black, as opposed to the yellow and white of the previous model.

The new Shinolas watch comes in three colors: white, blue and black.

A new Shinolyo watch is also on the way.

The company unveiled the new Seiko ZenWatch on April 25.

It is a new design for the brand, which includes the Seiko logo on the dial and gold plated clasp.

The new watch has a black dial with a yellow case, and the company is calling it the Sei-Momo Seiko-Zenwatch.

The watch is set to go on sale in Japan on March 27.