How to watch the new Amazon Prime Now video streaming service

Amazon is launching Prime Now, its streaming video service, on October 16, giving consumers a chance to watch any movie or TV show they want without having to pay a cable or satellite subscription.

The company says Prime Now will stream any movie, TV show, or podcast available on Prime Video, and will let customers rent, download, and stream a movie or show for up to two weeks from the moment they sign up for Prime.

Amazon will also offer its own personalized service called Prime Music, and Prime Video users can stream their favorite shows and movies on any device with Prime Video access.

But Prime Now isn’t the only streaming service that can be purchased on Amazon.

Its Prime Music service, which has been available since the fall of 2016, will also be available through the service’s website starting today.

The service will be available on the following platforms:The new Amazon streaming service will cost $19.99 per month for a 30-day free trial, and the Prime Video service will also cost $9.99 a month for the same 30-days free trial.

Amazon says it is launching the new service because of Prime Video’s growth and its growing popularity.

But Prime Video is currently just 2% of Amazon’s video catalog, and its future growth may depend on how many people actually watch it, according to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon has said that Prime Video may eventually surpass YouTube, but until then it’s unlikely to overtake Prime Video.

The new Prime service will offer two types of streaming: a video library and Prime Music.

Amazon’s streaming service does not include Prime Music or Prime Video content.

Prime Music will allow users to watch movies and TV shows from a selection of Amazon-owned and licensed films and TV series.

Prime Video will have access to movies and shows from Prime subscribers, and it will have the option to watch Prime Video episodes.

While Prime Video currently has a few hundred million users worldwide, the service has only been available to Amazon Prime members in the United States.

That means that while Amazon has hundreds of millions of subscribers, only a tiny fraction of its subscribers actually watch the service.

The majority of subscribers only use Amazon’s website to watch videos on Amazon Prime.

This isn’t Amazon’s first attempt at making streaming video more attractive to the average American.

Amazon recently announced that it would launch its own streaming video streaming site, Prime Now.

Prime Now is similar to Amazon’s Prime Video site, but it offers its own customized service.

Prime Music has the same basic options as Prime Video and Amazon’s service.

Amazon says that Prime Music will offer users a personalized service that will let them watch the shows they want and rent the movies they want, and that Prime subscribers will be able to access Prime Video with a 30 day free trial or $9 monthly fee.