How to get your Apple Watch up and running

Apple’s new smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 2, is set to launch in July with a new “hermes” model that Apple says is “a lot more stylish” than the standard model, though it will still have a round watch face.

Apple has not announced pricing or release dates for the new “Hermes” watch, though there is a “watch on sale” section on the watch’s website.

It is not clear if it will be available in either gold or rose gold, though that is the gold model currently available in the United States and Australia.

The Hermes watch is made of stainless steel and has a glass case with a rose gold crystal.

It will retail for $300 in the U.S. and AU$400 in Australia.

The standard Apple Watch will sell for $350.

The new watch is the first Apple Watch to include a digital crown.

The company has previously offered digital crowns for other models of the Apple Watches and other smartwatches.

The “Herme” watch has a digital display, though its design is still mostly stainless steel.

Apple also has been teasing the new watch for some time, saying in October that it was coming “soon.”

The watch is expected to launch sometime this fall.

Apple Watch Series 1 was released in March 2016.

The first Apple Watchers were launched in September 2016.