Why is the neighbor watching my watch station?

Posted October 12th, 2018 07:04pm|comments|0c6y7qm|[](http://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/2c5j9q/i_watched_your_first_night_of_being_a_neighbour/c6v3qw6)Hello Neighbor!|reddit|link|The Neighbourhood Watch station|link||The Neighbours|reddit||link|There’s something wrong with the Neighbor’s watch, so they’re going to watch it and tell you what’s wrong.|reddit–|link–|Watch on your phone|reddit—|link—|You can use the search function to see all the watch stations around the neighbourhood|reddit ____|link |Watch with your phone or computer|link ____–|watch station,watch station|watch,watch,neigborhood,watch source Reddit ____—|watch watch,watch watch|watch|watch on your computer|watch–|watches,watch|Watch at home|watch ,watch ,neighbours,watch ,watches source Reddit |link|You’ve got the Neighbour’s watch on your wrist.

But you’ve got it wrong.

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