Fossil smartwatch: watch that could help us see the future, even before it hits the market

The watch from Fossil is the latest innovation in smartwatch technology.

It has a built-in GPS and can be used to track the weather and keep track of your daily routines.

In addition to the smartwatch, Fossil has a line of smart rings for use in everyday activities like checking your email, checking your calendar and even scheduling meetings and events.

It’s all powered by the company’s new Android Wear platform, and the watch will be available for purchase this summer.

Fossil Watch, Fossils new smartwatch.

FossilWatch, FossILS new smart watch.

Fossils Watch, the Fossil watch.

It also offers a new, simpler to use interface for its users.

Fossllis Android Wear app will make it easy to navigate its features.

While the smart watch has already received positive reviews, it isn’t expected to sell as quickly as some other smartwatches that have been released.

The Fossil Watch is the first smartwatch to hit the market with a built in GPS.

“We know there’s a huge opportunity for smartwars and this is a game changer for us, so to be able to offer it at this early stage of the market is a real coup,” said CEO of Fossil, Peter Golland.

A more traditional watch is likely to be more popular, as smartwares are a popular choice for consumers who want a more traditional, traditional-looking device.

If you like the idea of a smartwatch that’s built-into the wrist, but don’t have a lot of money to spend on a high-end smartwatch yet, this might be the time to jump in.

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