A big bet on watchmakers: WatchMaker

The global watch industry has been in turmoil for the past couple of years, with the likes of Fossil and Fossil-brand brands struggling to compete with Apple and Apple Watch.

Now, a big bet is being made on the watches of watchmakers such as Heuer.

The German watchmaker, which has long been rumored to be in the running to launch a new watch, has launched its first watch with the tag Heuer, which is the name of its Swiss division.

Heuer has partnered with French watchmaker Dassault, which makes the Dassault XQ, as well as Swiss watchmaker ETA.

The watch, dubbed the “Heuer Watches,” will be priced at $1,199.

It will launch in early 2017, but will be available to order in April.

Heuers watch lineup of watches include the Heuer Watchendesse, a new version of its traditional ETA 2898.

It features a more streamlined look and a more sophisticated movement, the Heuers First Watch, which comes with a “seamless and streamlined design that will fit perfectly in your pocket.”

Heuer has also launched a new smartwatch called the Heus, which will come with a more traditional mechanical movement, but is also designed to fit perfectly into the pocket.

The brand has also announced a new sport watch called the Leisure Watch, and a new luxury watch called D’art.

All of these new products are being touted as “the next generation” of Heuer watches.

The watches have been rumored for years, but there has been little evidence to back them up.

WatchMaker reports that Heuer will announce its watches in May, but that it may be a few months before the new models are officially announced.

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