Kids watch movies online from Google Play and Apple Watch

By JASON BONNERPublished May 07, 2017 12:00AMORA, Alabama (Reuters) – Kids in the United States are downloading more movies than they ever have before, with an average of 1,600 movies downloaded per day in 2017, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Google Play has long been one of the biggest movie downloaders for kids.

The app has become a popular platform for kids to learn about the world around them and is an integral part of their daily lives.

Google also sells apps for Apple devices that offer access to the Internet.

Google has long touted its kids-friendly app platform, which has helped boost its stock price.

But it’s now looking to expand into the movie download game, with a slate of new apps being announced this week.

For its third year, Google will debut a new app, KidsGPSWatch, which will let kids track their GPS location and play games on their smartphone.

Google said it’s also launching a new children’s TV app called Kids TV, which it will make available in the coming months, and a new kids’ entertainment app called Movies and TV, due in 2018.

Google will also introduce KidsGpsWatch to the Android and Apple platforms.

KidsGps will be free to download, with children able to unlock the feature for $1.99 per month.

The feature will be available to kids age 4-13 for free.

Google says KidsGpscoll will be the first children’s app to be made available to all Google Play users.

“We believe kids have a fundamental right to explore and discover the world,” said Jennifer Hildreth, vice president of Google Play’s Children’s Online Store.

“Kids are among the most engaged, curious and creative people on earth, and we’re delighted to bring this powerful new Google app to their phones, TVs and tablets.”

Google is also working on a children’s movie app, Movies for TV, that it says will be ready to launch in early 2018.

The app will allow parents to share their favorite movies, and the app will be made free for kids of all ages.