Watch Dogs 2: Legion (1080p) trailer – 5 things you should know

Watch Dogs’ Legion is a multiplayer co-op shooter where you have to work together with up to five other players in order to complete missions and collect upgrades.

It’s set to release on March 11.

In addition to the new multiplayer, Watch Dogs Legion also introduces a brand new level that can be found in each of the five levels in the campaign.

Watch Dogs 1 and 2 also introduced co-operative play with up a dozen other players, but that was only available in the game’s multiplayer.

This new multiplayer level can be played with up 10 players, and the multiplayer mode is available for free on the PlayStation Store.

Check out the trailer below to see how Watch Dogs 3: New Orleans is shaping up.

WATCH WATCH WATCH Watch Dogs is set to arrive on March 15, but it’s also getting an update.

The update will bring the game to iOS and Android, and it will feature the addition of new character skins, a brand-new weapon, and a brand spankin’ new look for the Watch Dogs character model.

The new skin will be available for $5 on the App Store and $8 on Google Play, and you can get a sneak peek of it below.