Apple Watch 3 and watchOS 3 are the best for women

Apple Watch is the best smartwatch for women, a study of 1,000 consumers found. 

The study found that a woman’s Apple Watch was the best choice for the most diverse gender groups. 

In contrast, women’s watches by a wide margin, including smartwatches like the Moto 360, are the worst choices for women. 

The study was conducted by consultancy and market research firm IDC, which said that smartwares by gender and age are the most likely to perform poorly. 

“The results show that women’s watch-related devices have consistently outperformed those by men for several years, and in particular for women in emerging markets,” IDC said in a statement. 

A new version of the watchOS app, released in February, included a new feature called “watch face”, which allows women to customize their watch faces by choosing from a range of options. 

WatchOS 3, which is due to launch this week, is expected to include a range more in line with the Apple Watch’s features, including a better app drawer, a more intuitive notification bar and an improved interface. 

According to IDC’s study, the Apple watch has been on a steady rise since its launch in 2015. 

In 2017, it accounted for 46% of the smartphone market, up from 35% a year earlier. 

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New watchOS features include a more modern design, a better notification bar, a smarter navigation menu and a more streamlined experience, according to IDCs report. 

As the most popular smartwatch in the world, Apple Watch has been lauded for its ability to offer a more seamless user experience. 

It features a full screen watch face and is designed to fit into the hand. 

Apple is also planning to introduce a new smartwatch that it says will deliver more functionality to its Watch lineup. 

That watch, which will likely be named the Apple Watches Classic, will have a new design and will include some features that the AppleWatch lacks. 

There will also be an Apple Watch Edition, which Apple plans to release in 2018, according a report in The Wall Street Journal. 

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