Luminox, Amazon’s smart watch: Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon join forces to bring smart watches to market

Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung will join forces for a smart watch that’s expected to launch in 2018.

Luminox is working on a wearable that would connect to an app that allows people to track their health, mood and exercise.

The company is building a device that would be built for fitness trackers and can also detect heart rate, sleep patterns and other information.

Amazon and Google announced their collaboration on Tuesday and are expected to begin shipping the wearable by the end of the year.

The wearable will feature an accelerometer, gyroscopes, cameras, sensors and other sensors that track the user’s activity.

Google and Amazon will work together to develop the wearable’s software and hardware, which will help the device work with a wide range of fitness trackERS.

Google and Amazon already have a wearable product that tracks heart rate.

The Fitbit Charge HR, which is being launched in the U.S. in June, has a smartwatch that uses Google’s Tizen operating system.