Which Apple Watch is the best in the world?

Apple has released its 2016 list of the world’s best watch brands, which is still in the early stages of publishing.

However, it’s clear that Apple has gone all in on the watch market, with many brands taking the Apple Watch to the next level.

Read next: Samsung watches are cheaper than Apple watches, but still cost more: Apple Watch article The list is littered with Apple Watch models that have been designed from the ground up to be incredibly affordable.

The company has created models that are priced at $199 or less, with a few going for as low as $249.

While most Apple Watch prices are still in-house, some Apple Watch owners have found that they can still find them for under $100.

Here are the top 10 Apple Watch brands in 2016, as voted on by readers.

Apple Watch Samsung Watch Fossil Q Founder’s Edition $249 Apple Watch Series 3 $229 Apple Watch Sport $249 Blackberry Q Founder $199 Google Fit 2 $149 Moto 360 $149 Samsung Galaxy Gear S $149 Google Fit 3 $149 LG G Watch R $149 Motorola Moto 360 5 $149 Asus ZenWatch $149 Apple Watch Android Wear $249 LG Watch Sport 5 $249 Fossil Group Sport $299 Apple Watch Edition $299 Samsung Gear S 2 $299 Google Watch Edition (Silver) $399 Apple Watch 3 $499 Moto 360 6 $499 LG G Sport 6 $699 Apple Watch Classic $699 Samsung Gear 3 $799 Google Watch 4 $899 LG G6 $999 Moto 360 S $1,099 Moto 360 4 $1 “The Apple Watch” – Wired, October 2017