Women’s football star and her new husband are back in the spotlight

The star and husband of former NBA star Serena Williams, Eva Longoria, returned to the spotlight last week, appearing in a documentary with her husband, Adam Levine, which is based on their romance, The Golden Girls.

It premiered at Sundance on Sunday, and has since been viewed more than 12 million times.

The documentary, which also stars Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts, features footage of their honeymoon in Rome, and Longoria said she was surprised by how much she liked the way it looked.

“I love it when I see the images of me and my husband together,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

“I don’t even know how to feel about that.

I was just excited to be in it.”

She added, “I feel like I got to be the most beautiful person ever.”

The couple, who have three children together, married in 2007 in a ceremony in Manhattan.

They divorced in 2011.

Levine and Longora have appeared in two of the films in the film series, with Levine in 2009’s “I Dream of Jeannie,” and Longoa in 2011’s “Crazy Eyes.”

Their film also featured their sons, Adam and Kevin.

“We were happy to be together,” Levine said of the movie, which he described as “beautiful” and “a dream come true.”

They met in college at the University of Virginia and worked together in a variety of capacities.

In 2014, they appeared in a promotional video for the film about their relationship and were also featured in a short trailer for the forthcoming “Serena Williams: The First Lady.”

They were married for eight years in 2012.