What’s the best watch for women?

A new report from Quartz suggests that women might be better off investing in luxury watches rather than those made by established brands.

In a recent article, Quartz reported that a number of manufacturers are trying to create a more inclusive audience with a wide variety of watches, but there are still plenty of niche brands out there that are lacking in that department.

“Women who wear luxury watches should not be surprised to find that there are many options for the woman who wants to wear a watch, and that many of them offer very high-quality products,” the Quartz report said.

The report said that in terms of watches that women can wear, the following brands are the best choices: Rolex (UK) , TAG Heuer (Germany) , Cartier (France) , Patek Philippe (Italy) , Casio (Japan) , and Jaeger LeCoultre (Germany).

However, women who wear watches without any accessories may also want to consider the Fossil Group (UK), which has a wide selection of watches with the “Women Watch” nameplate.

The Fossil Watch Group’s Women Watch series includes a few watches that are available in men’s and women’s sizes.

The company, which is owned by British conglomerate Gilt, launched the Women Watch Series two years ago.

“We are working hard to deliver a range of watches designed for women and men alike, including new models, which we hope will provide the perfect companion for women in the home, office and on the go,” Fossil’s chief executive officer, Peter Brumby, said in a statement.

“Our Women Watch range includes watches designed specifically for women, as well as men’s watches designed to suit the needs of a broad range of lifestyles.”

While the Fossils are a major brand, the company is also known for producing affordable watches that offer a variety of accessories.

The latest Fossil Men Watch , which is available in both men’s sizes and women and includes the “S” logo, is the latest in the line of Fossils offering a wide range of accessories including bracelets, necklaces, watches, and even a “Gilt Girl” watch, which includes a wrist watch.

The new Fossils Women Watch and Fossil Kids watch line, which was launched in 2016, feature the “G” logo on the band, as is the case with the Fossill Kids line.

In terms of the FossIL Men Watch, the “F” logo can be seen in the strap and also in the wrist strap, along with the words “Fossil.”

In terms for the FossILS Women Watch, a number options are available, including “S,” “C,” “L,” and “M,” along with a “B.”

However, the Fossls Kids line includes an additional “F.”

In addition, Fossils has released the Fossilders Women Watch in the Fosslls Kids line, with the new “B” logo and “S.”

Fossil has said that it hopes to launch the Fossilia Watch in 2018, which will include a variety more accessories including a watch case, straps, and wrist straps.