Which repair program is right for you?

Updated February 13, 2018 12:14:33 Netflix is facing criticism after its repair program was shut down due to an issue with the network’s software.

The repair program, which allowed users to watch the popular streaming service without an Internet connection, was set up to allow people to watch over-the-air broadcasts of shows like “The Walking Dead,” but that’s been disabled in the wake of the hack.

Users of Netflix’s app are experiencing problems with their service after it was shut off after hackers accessed its network.

The company says it’s working on fixing the problem.

The Netflix repair program allows users to view over-and-over-and over again a stream of their favorite TV shows without the need to connect to a computer or cable box.

The service was meant to be used for watching TV shows over the Internet, but the hacker used the program to access the network and hack into the Netflix servers.

Netflix said the problem was due to a “significant change in our software,” but it’s unclear what that change was.

The company says the hack affected Netflix’s network and that the company is working to fix the issue.

Users who were affected are still able to watch their shows and continue watching them online, though.

Netflix says it is aware of a number of users who have had issues with their Netflix service.

The streaming service is working on restoring all of the streaming content for those affected.