How to find the best watch for you: Samsung Watch 3 review

Samsung has released a new watch that promises to be more than just a “smartwatch” for the rest of us.

The Samsung Watch 2 was the first of many Samsung smartwatches that will make their debut during the year, and it was the company’s first true flagship model.

But while the Samsung Watch Series 3 will come with an impressive array of specs, it is the Samsung Gear Fit that Samsung will be focusing on in the months ahead.

What it is not, however, is a smartwatch.

While the Gear Fit is still on the market, it will only be sold through Samsung’s own retailers, and Samsung is not showing the watch at its upcoming press event.

This is where Samsung’s watch comes in.

The company is giving away one of its most coveted watches ever, and that will come in a number of different versions.

The Gear Fit 3 is the first Gear Fit model that Samsung has made available in both a black and white variant, and the company is showing off a white model with the same color scheme.

Samsung will only show the watch in black and silver in the United States, and in other markets it will be limited to a black variant.

While you can get the watch with black or silver, it’s a lot more expensive than its regular white variant.

There are also other differences in the Gear Fits white and black variants, such as the strap color, and there is a $50 rebate that Samsung is offering for customers who pre-order a Gear Fit.

While this is a great deal for a new smartwatch, it also makes it clear that the Gear is a different model than the Gear 2.

The main differences are that the original Gear Fit only came in a black version and the Gear 4, a white version that was released in 2012.

If you are already planning to buy the Gear for the first time, you may want to look elsewhere.

The watch will cost you $799, and this is where it gets really interesting.

You can get a Gear Fit 3 for $1,799 if you pre-ordered it at Samsung’s website or on the company website.

It will only have a white watchband, and you will not get a stainless steel band.

You will get a black strap and a black leather strap.

Samsung is also offering the Gear 3 in an option that is a bit more expensive, at $1.49, or you can pick up the Gear S3, which will cost $2,799.

This means that you can save $500 or more on the Gear Fitness, which is a slightly different model.

The only other smartwatch that is not on sale is the Gear Sport.

It is the only smartwatch on sale that is only available through Samsung retail stores.

This version of the Gear has a black band, a black dial, and is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Gear line.

The other smartwares on the Samsung line, however are available on Amazon, as well as on other retailers.

It’s a good time to get your hands on the new Gear Fit, which comes with the Gear Gear Fit 2.

If all of the smartwars don’t suit your style, the Gear Sports will be the way to go.