WATCH: Trump’s new Apple Watch costs $1,400 in Europe and $2,500 in the U.S.

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that his first Apple Watch is $1.4 million, a significant jump from the $1 million price tag of his predecessor’s model.

Trump said in a tweet that he bought the watch in October 2016, a few months after the election.

The new Apple watch costs $2.5 million in the United States, compared with $1 in October and $1 a year ago, the president said.

The watch is available in three colors: white, gold and blue, Trump said.

The president also said he will soon introduce a $1 trillion plan to rebuild roads and bridges, expand access to the internet and invest in the economy.

The announcement was greeted with cheers in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, where he had been meeting with business leaders to discuss the plan.

Trump has touted the plan as a key part of his agenda to revitalize the U., which has seen its stock market plunge nearly 30% in the past two years.

The price increase comes a few weeks after Trump announced his administration would begin requiring employers to provide paid sick leave.

It came a day after the president signed a bill that would extend the health insurance subsidies that helped millions of Americans get coverage through the Affordable Care Act.