Watch Repair: Apple Watch Apps to be Added to Kids’ Smart Watch App, Suunto Watch 3

The Apple Watch app will make it easier for parents to fix their Apple Watch apps for kids, with a new feature called the Apple Watch App Repair. 

“You can repair Apple Watch and watch apps directly from the app.

It’s not like you have to do a full system update.

It only requires that you turn on the app on your Apple Watch, and then go to the settings screen,” Apple said. 

For parents, the app will include a “Help” button, which you can use to ask the Apple Support team to find the app, and fix it for you. 

Apple Watch Apps for Kids: “Apple Watch App” will also include “Apple Watch and Watch app” options for parents, which allow them to manually select the apps that are most likely to cause issues for their kids. 

As an example, Apple Watch could show a “My Watch” app for your kid’s watch, while a “Watch app” app could show something like a “Your Watch” or “My iPhone” app, which is not a recommended app for most kids.

Apple said that if an app does not work for your child, they can choose to send it back to the developer for an explanation.

Apple Watch Repair will be available to users of the Apple Watches running iOS 9.0.2 or later, and iOS 9.1.1 or later.