WATCH: Apple Watch gets new version

Apple Watch, which launched earlier this year with an initial price of $299, has been criticized for not being nearly as durable as its predecessor, the $1,000 Apple Watch Sport.

And a new model launched today will do a much better job of protecting its owners from the flu.

Apple said the new version of the watch is more durable than the original model, with a stainless steel frame and a new strap.

It comes in a wide range of colors and colors with rose gold accents, with silver and blue accents available.

The new model has a new case and strap with gold-colored accents, while the original has a black-and-white color scheme.

The Apple Watch’s main features include an ambient light sensor that can detect motion and a heart rate monitor, along with a new feature called Apple Watch Sports.

The watch comes in two sizes, one for women and one for men, with Apple calling it “the perfect fitness watch for a modern day lifestyle.”

Apple Watch has also added a number of new functions to make it easier for users to customize the watch, including the ability to make the display on the watch stand up, to switch between two different screens and to change the color of the bar at the top of the display.