How Casio’s watch gets into your pocket

By Sarah SmithBBC SportIt is not easy to buy a watch in the UK, but you can still get one on the cheap, as the Casio watch is.

But is the watch worth buying?

And what is the Casios watch, and why is it in the top 10 most expensive watches on the market?

Casio is known for its watches, but it is also famous for other things.

In fact, Casio is a pioneer of the watch, having started producing watches in 1888.

Its iconic design is a timeless piece of design, and it has also made some of the most important watches in history.

It is the case of the Casi watch that we want to talk about.

The watch has become a cult favourite for its high price and its inclusion in the list of the 10 most-expensive watches in the world.

It has also been used by many celebrities.

We will start by looking at what the Casioni watch is and what it does.

It is a small watch that is slightly smaller than a Rolex.

It measures 38mm by 22mm and is black.

Its main difference from the other watches on this list is that it has a dial with an hour and minute hand.

This is unlike many other watches with hour and minutes hands, which use either a circular or a square shaped dial.

The dial of the casio chronograph Casio Watch has an hour, minute and hour hand, with a chronograph at the top and the hour and a minute hand at the bottom.

It also has a date window.

The hour hand is on the left hand side and the minute hand is at the other.

The watch comes with a leather strap and gold plated dial.

The black dial is a deep shade of gold, and there is no hour hand on the dial.

A small screw on the case, on the inside of the case is fitted to keep the watch on.

The main reason for the high price is the fact that the CasIO watch is a limited edition.

It can only be bought from Casio in the US and Europe, and only in limited quantities.

The only other watch on the list is the Seiko Master Watch, which is a timepiece made in Japan.

In this article we will look at what makes a Casio chronometer so special.

The Casio wristwatch is made of stainless steel and features a very good balance.

The Casio brand was founded in 1888, and the company’s first model was a wristwatch called a Casion.

It was designed by Jules Casio.

The first Casio watches were made of the Seagull, a metal that was made in China.

These watches were expensive, and many people thought the Seaguards were rubbish, so they started producing their own watchmaking.

The Seagul watches were also known as the “buzzers”.

They were very popular in the 1920s and 1930s, but they were very expensive.

The high price of Casio Casio Watches was due to their popularity in the mid to late 1930s.

The watches were considered expensive because they were considered “boutique”.

The brand was still in existence in the early 1980s.

The name Casio comes from the first three letters of the name of the company.

Casio means “watch”, and Casio was a watch company founded in 1882.

This name came into the hands of the first Casios in 1888 and has been a part of the brand ever since.

The brand’s first watch was a Casia, which was a large mechanical watch that was produced in 1887.

The company started to make watches in 1900, and they made watches for both men and women.

This model of Casia watch was the first wristwatch in the company, which meant it was used by both men as well as women.

The first Casia model was the Casia Automatic, which has a hands-free movement, and also came in black and white.

It had a watch-making capacity of 500 seconds.

This model of watch is made in Spain and was the very first watch in this brand.

It used a chronometer that was the same as the Seikos.

It lasted for about 300 days.

In 1936, the company introduced the Casiomatic, which had a hands free movement.

It made about 1,500 watches in total.

The last Casio automatic was the original Casio Chronograph, which started in 1940 and lasted for 200 days.

The new Casio Automatic was the last Casios chronograph, and has remained in the Caso family since that time.

The model that has become synonymous with the Casiolis brand is the “Casper”.

This is a wrist watch with a date display, but the Casiamatic chronograph is not only a chronographer, but also a watchmaker.

This is a chronogram watch, which means it can be read at a glance, without having to touch the watch.

It allows you to keep track of the