How to turn your smartwatch into a gps GPS watch

If you’re in a hurry to get to the gym or get your kids to the park, the latest smartphone app from Garmin may be the answer.

The company announced Thursday that it is adding a new gps app to its Android Wear app.

You can add the app to your watch face, or you can use it on the watch itself.

The app works with any Garmin watch, so if you have one, it’ll work on your new Garmin watch.

The GPS app is built on Android Wear OS 4.4, and works on both Android and Apple Watch.

The Garmin watch also works with Garmin Connect.

It has been updated to support Garmin Connect for Garmin Connect Mobile, which is a new service that is built specifically for Garmin watches.

Garmin has been slowly rolling out more watch faces for Garmin devices in recent months, with more on the way.

With the new gp app, Garmin is now taking some of the most popular watch faces and turning them into gps watches.

We’ve seen Garmin’s other watches get updated to use Android Wear, too, but they’ve been mostly limited to just the Android Wear apps.

Garmin is currently working on making the Android watch apps more robust, so you’ll probably see a lot more Garmin watches that support gps soon.

Garmin’s new watch faces are available on the Google Play Store for $3.99 per month or $24.99 for three months.

You’ll also be able to buy individual watches, but you won’t be able buy watches that are the same size.

Garmin will also be releasing watch faces that will allow you to control GPS with the Android phone app, or it will be able take over your GPS and use it to track your workouts.

Garmin doesn’t have a timeline for when these watches will be released, but it’s expected to be in the first quarter of 2019.

The gps apps for Android Wear are only available on Garmin devices, so it’s not a perfect fit for those looking to use Garmin for their smartphone.

They can be used with other Garmin watches as well, but Garmin is keeping the watch face customization options limited to the Android Watch app.