What you need to know about the Watchdog’s new powers

What are the new Watchdog powers and what do they mean?

Watchdog rules Watchdog is the new name for the police watchdog.

It will work as a watchdog and will have powers that affect every aspect of policing.

It also has a new set of powers to police social media and police organisations.

Watchdogs are a new concept in policing, with the new powers not coming into effect until 2021.

The new powers were created by the legislation introduced in response to a spate of violent attacks in the UK.

What happens in a Watchdog hearing?

When a new Watchdogs hearing is called, the police force will have to make sure that the case they are considering meets the requirements of the legislation.

This includes: ensuring that the accused person is free from a mental or physical condition which could lead to self-harm;