WATCH: NHL’s newest wrist-worn smartwatch gets a new name

WATCH: WATCH: The NHL’s latest wrist-based smartwatch got a new title on Monday.

The NHL is announcing the new Watch (or Watch 2), a wearable wristband that features the league’s new NHL app and a new color scheme to match the color scheme on the players wrist.

According to a statement from NHL, the Watch 2 is an extension of the NHL’s app and will be available to download for all owners.

The NHL app will have the ability to access the league website and other features in a new way, and will allow users to access live scores and scores on the ice, with an added ability to browse, filter and find games and events.

The Watch 2 will also have a new look and feel.

The Watch 2 features a “white band” that will be removable and “silver-tone” trim around the entire watch.

The silver trim around this band has a new white logo.

The new Watch 2 also has a “polarized” display.

The design is the same as the Watch 1.